Welcome to LABUNDY.COM

My name is Jeff LaBundy; I live in Austin, Texas with my wife Lorena and our son Oliver. I graduated from the University of Missouri—Rolla (now Missouri University of Science and Technology) with a BSEE in 2007 and from the University of Texas at Austin with an MSEE in 2009. Since then I've spent nearly a decade in the semiconductor industry as an electrical engineer. My experience includes Linux device drivers, embedded systems, FPGAs, analog circuits, pre/post-silicon validation, product definition, customer support and technical writing.

The purpose of this website is to document my projects and interests outside of a professional setting. While I've tried to keep it cohesive, it's simply a personal homepage—so it's not intended to be all that formal. The theme of this website is decidedly simple in order to place more emphasis on the actual content being presented.

And since this is my personal website, I'll mention that my current beer of choice is Voodoo Ranger Imperial IPA.