Project Cars


I'm a die-hard Ford fan, with a particular affection for 70's-era full-size sedans. I've owned several classic Fords since high school, each of which is (or was) a constant work in progress. I've included a description and some photos of each vehicle in the sections that follow.

1971 LTD Brougham

This car came to me from Tennessee in 2014. Since then, I've done a full brake system overhaul (including custom-duplicated hard lines), rebuilt the carburetor, and much more. I also installed a modern stereo with a custom dash mount and new speakers all around. This car is my on-and-off daily driver, weather permitting.

1979 F100

I bought this truck in 2007 and used it for almost eight years until I replaced it with a new F150. It had a bulletproof 300 cubic inch straight six, to which I added a four-barrel intake and carburetor, headers, and dual exhaust. I also added the wagon wheels, an electric fuel pump, and a host of other items.

1977 LTD

This was my daily driver for most of college—and a fairly trustworthy one at that (despite the appearance). After years of maintenance and replacing several odds and ends (including the oil pan and oil pump), I sold the car in 2009 and it went on to a demolition derby.

1973 Galaxie 500

This was my first project and what ultimately got me interested in classic Fords. I bought it in high school and brought it to Texas in 2010 as part of an honest attempt at restoring it—but by then it was full of frame rot, so I junked it in 2012.